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Denver Dog Walkers frequently asked questions can provide you with some quick answers to your dog walking and pet sitting needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions, comment, or concerns. 

Q:Will I be getting the same dog walker every time?
A: Yes, you will have only one main dog walker, however, in an emergency, owner Jeff Rayburn or another back-up dog walker may still fill in and provide service. You will meet any potential back-up dog walker that would be filling in prior to any oppointements. 
Q:Do you walk big groups of dogs?
A: No, we only do invdividual single dog walks. If you own more than one dog, we will take them out together, but we do not take out multiple clients in big groups or put them in the car and travel. We stay in your area where your dog is familiar. We find that this allows us to provide individual one on one attention to your pet(s) and help to create a stronger bond between us. 
Q:Do you let dogs off leash?
A: Never. The only time you pet is off leash is when it's in your home. We don't ever take the dogs off leash. Our goal is the keep your pet safe and secure and in our control at all times. 
Q:How many dog walks a week do you require?
A: We require 2 dog walks per week on a reacurring weekly basis. Pet sitting services for dogs only apply to regular weekly clients. 
Q:Do you offer dog sitting for non-regular clients?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer dog sitting to anyone.  If we walk your dog on a regular basis you are eligable for pet sitting. 
Q:How many set of keys do you require?
A: Idealy, we would like 2 sets.  The extra set is for an emergency back-up incase of a lock out for example.  If you live in a building with a doorman, keys can be left with the doorman as long as they are there at the time of our scheduled services. 
Q:Do you walk aggressive dogs?
A: Yes, Denver Dog Walkers does not discriminate. However, if your pet is a danger to us than we will not be able to provide service.  
Q:Do you work on weekends and holidays?
A: We offer services Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Anytime after or before those hours are upon availability.  Please see our Services and Pricing page for more details. 

Do you have more question? Email us at

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